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Monday, 18 October 2010

Bank of Scotland Fail!

Bank of Scotland Fail!

I switched banks the other day after they told me I could only reset my password with internet explorer (ie)

First they said we only support ie and Mozilla based browsers. I said fine I use Mozilla. It failed to reset my password. I rang them up and the said I could only reset my password with ie! as they were having trouble with Mozilla! I said don't you test these things as Mozilla works on every website I visit bar yours. Then after fuming at them for being a bank and recommend in ie. (the least secure browsers on the planet) and assuming all customers run Windows or Mac-OSX they said I'd have no choice but to go to my branch to reset it!

As a Debian user and Free software advocate there is no way on this earth I was going to purchase a Windows licence just to install internet explorer so I can reset my password or use someone else’s potentially virus riddled system.

I went to the bank. I was told I could reset my password on their secure computer. Fine It gave me the first 3 digits of my password reset and said it would email me the others. Fine. I couldn't check my email at the bank. Off the the local library I go to cue for 20 min's to get on a PC and retrieve the email. Back to the bank. It failed with ie!

I said I had other things I needed to do so we sat down and I cancelled all my direct debits, standing orders and generally tidied things up with my current  account, Then moved most of my money into my savings account...... then asked them to transfer the lot bar £100 in to the coop Bank!

After reading

I rang the coop bank and had a very nice discussion on the ethics of their website being accessible with free software and the implications of making websites  dependent on adobe flash. Well done the Coop Bank.

If a website is standards compliant I should not matter what browser you use.