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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Magnet links in Seamonkey (iceape)

It has been annoying me that I had to start up iceweasel to download Magnet links. I tried the usual tweaking about:config as per firefox but no go.

I tried drag n dropping the links in to transmission and on to the icon in tint but although it added the link to the list no files were show.

What did work was a simple copy magnet link URL and paste it in transmission :) sorted ;)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

B-Day bike ride 2012

I try and do a B-day bike ride every year cycling at least my age! Made a slight detour this year so went a bit over. Great ride though and will do this route again.

The basic "planned" route taking in places of interest


The start

A Church in a field! (or so it seems :)

Moonsie? castle

Nice view

nice view towards the tay and Dundee


View towards Dundee

 A Castle house?

 Nice iron monument in Newport-onTay

Cycle path over the Tay bridge

Where now?

The excellent Tayside  reCYCLEers 

An ace Dragon in Dundee

An old "light boat"

Back over the Tay

Great cycle path


Good cycle path to St Andrew with nice and funny signs

Monstrosity at the golf course

2nd best thing I saw in St Andrew

Best thing I saw in St Andrew (The whole place stunk of money and corruption) couldn't wait to leave

Back on the open road looking back north to St Andews

Looking south to nicer places 

Taking a "wee rest" :)  outside of Kemback

 Kemback Kirk

By the small water fall

An old red phone box (up for adoption for £1)

 Looking toward the "paps of Fife" The Falkland hills

After a small detour! back at my staring place. 57.65 miles  in total