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Tuesday, 30 December 2014


After much frustration searching for a light and stable but quirky (a few bug you have to learn to work around) WM that addresses the fundamental short comings of the usual candidates I think I may have found it.

It still has some things I need to over come. Stuff I want but it seems the nearest thing I've found so far. 

You can find it here and I recommend you read the page as it has a very good explanation of the rational

menu view

select view

  I would improve it by adding a clock on the active window.

my menu.rc

# make sure each line ends in LF not CRLF!
Quit:skill windowlab
Edit menu:adie /home/user/.windowlab/windowlab.menurc
About:windowlab -about | xmessage -file -
Reload:pkill -HUP windowlab
cplay:xterm -e cplay
ranger:xterm -e ranger
xclock:xclock -d


Alt+"push/drag" on the edges of the active window to resize
Alt+F11 for full screen
Alt+F12 send active window down the stack
Alt+Tab scroll back
Alt+q scroll forewords

I'm getting a few crashes/freezes opening applications with multiple windows. Gmplayer crashes windowlab as does bashrun2. I really hope there is a fix as it's the dogs danglies when it comes to usage.

Friday, 19 December 2014

labels in jwm

I want labels on mouse over only like this mock up

But I get this

Ideas welcome

Friday, 12 December 2014

The perfect irc client layout and why :-)

The perfect irc client layout and why :-)

Here I've tried to take the best features of my favorite irc clients and explain the rational.

You need to see the most commonly used features fast.

active chat channel
common buffer (scrolling chat from all channels your in)
typing area

Users and channels in European  languages go left to right so if you use tabs they squash up and become less readable. Much better to have vertical channels. These could either toggle or use slide-bars to get out of the way

Similar to ChatZilla with the channel tree plugin or Loqui

where you do get dead space then an option to combine user and channel in the same column like in loqui makes good sense.

Nothing worse than trying to scroll back through a single line of text to re-read a long sentence.  Hence some sort of expandable typing area is required. Again either on a toggle or drag-able  slidebar

The next thing is alerts for stalking/monitoring. Both visual and audible  alerts are required with good customization options.

The option to turn on or off channel joins and parts on a per channel basis

Saturday, 6 December 2014