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How to connect to #blag irc channel on the indymedia server

Step by step. How to chat directly with Blag users and developers via IRC (internet relay chat)


What is irc?

Quote: ref:

"Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message as well as chat and data transfers"


Go here:

Nickname: Alternate nickname: PUT YOUR NICKNAME HERE (it can be anything that is not in use or contains elegal characters)

Real name: Anonymous LEAVE AS IT IS


Browser: select your browser from the drop down list. e.g. Mozilla/Firefox/.. (Gecko)

Add sound, emoticons and other nice things

Secure chat connection LEAVE AS IT IS

Remember your choices LEAVE AS IT IS

Extra channels (',' separated): #blag

now click the “Chat” button

You will be connected to the indymedia irc server.

Select the #blag channel (top left)

Say hello by typing in the lower text box. Your chats will be displayed in the main window.

Please note that many people  loiter in irc  channels, so don't be disappointed if people aren’t actually at their computers. Keep the tab (channel) open and people will pop in. Many are in different time zones. If you really are stuck ask in the forum.


The indymedia how to

“New users: Connect quickly using a web browser

For the impatient: If you just want to connect quickly to Indymedia chat (from any computer), use the handy web version:

Step 1: Goto

**Note the 's' in 'https'

Step 2: Ignore the gratuitous black-clad imagery.

Step 3: Type in your desired nickname where it says "Nickname". Generally, people don't use their full names, for privacy reasons. IRC is kind of like the wild west. Most make up a consistent nickname, or use their first name.

Step 4: Type in the channel (chat room) that you want to talk in, where it says "Extra channels". For example, type in "tech" to visit the #tech channel (without the quotes).

Step 5: Click the "Chat!" button and you should be logged in. You will likely be automatically logged into the default #indymedia chat room. Note that as this room is the default, there are many folks here who aren't necessarily involved in Indymedia organizing.

Step 6: In the topleft of your window, you should see links or tabs for the other chat room(s) you specified in "Extra channels". Click on these to switch between the different rooms. Then just type in what you want to say in the lower-left of the your window.

Step 7: IRC is a great way to communicate, more fluid and informal than email. However, please think before you type; exercise caution and respect the privacy of others. Now, repeat after me:

Anything that you ever type into a computer could be seen by anyone at any point in the future.

Happy Chatting! “



If you wish you can install a dedicated irc application like chatzilla

If you run Firefox install the chatzilla plugin

How to use chatzilla to communicate with indymedia network real time.

Once you open chatzilla, click on the cZ icon on left
botton. You'll see the word 'client' in botton left.
You need to type:

lots of letter will roll up. When they stop, you can
change your nick by typing?

/nick <your name>

then click:

/join #blag

To make things easy next time tick "open this channel at start up"

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