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Friday, 19 December 2014

labels in jwm

I want labels on mouse over only like this mock up

But I get this

Ideas welcome

Friday, 12 December 2014

The perfect irc client layout and why :-)

The perfect irc client layout and why :-)

Here I've tried to take the best features of my favorite irc clients and explain the rational.

You need to see the most commonly used features fast.

active chat channel
common buffer (scrolling chat from all channels your in)
typing area

Users and channels in European  languages go left to right so if you use tabs they squash up and become less readable. Much better to have vertical channels. These could either toggle or use slide-bars to get out of the way

Similar to ChatZilla with the channel tree plugin or Loqui

where you do get dead space then an option to combine user and channel in the same column like in loqui makes good sense.

Nothing worse than trying to scroll back through a single line of text to re-read a long sentence.  Hence some sort of expandable typing area is required. Again either on a toggle or drag-able  slidebar

The next thing is alerts for stalking/monitoring. Both visual and audible  alerts are required with good customization options.

The option to turn on or off channel joins and parts on a per channel basis

Friday, 5 December 2014

Thursday, 13 November 2014

That sinking feeling

Made me laugh

A snippet

"Welcome systemd
systemd revolutionizes how your computer gets hacked.
systemd turns your Linux computer, into pretty much a Windows/Mac computer.
systemd becomes the gatekeeper, the middle man, the controller, the boss, of most if not all essential aspects of your computer.
  • systemd takes over your syslog. systemd decides what will get logged, and what will not. “Don’t worry” they will tell you. If you prefer your old text file syslog you can just enable that, and then you can get a filtered syslog appearing on your hard drive if it makes you feel more comfortable.
  • sheep
  • At bootup, your scripts can no longer ask for passwords for your disk encryption. You must type your password into systemd. Passwords safe and sound with systemd.
  • Speaking of sound, systemd will conveniently manage all your input devices, your microphone, webcam, keyboard and mouse. Full surveilance going on inside the wonderful systemd.
    “But where will the data go?” you ask… Not to worry, systemd solves that.
  • systemd log is a big opaque binary blob. You can’t see what’s in it yourself… But don’t worry, you just ask the systemd log reader to tell you what’s inside, and systemd will show you exactly what you are supposed to see, nice filtered results. Welcome to Windows. I mean the new Linux.
    “But the logs can only build up for a while, they surely have to go somewhere?” systemd has you covered
  • systemd manages all of your sockets itself. it takes control of all of your computer’s communications.
  • With one common layer of communication inside systemd, once your systemd has been exploited it will be able to do anything and everything on your entire computer without you knowing about it.
  • systemd developers already tried flooding the kernel (created a problem) and submitting a kernel patch (supplied the solution) so that the kernel would silence certain debug information while systemd is running if you try debug your kernel. Linus rejected their patch, for now.
So you can see that systemd just hacks you better.
Now your PC can turn into an invisible surveilance/drone. All on your free Linux.
Now for the grand unified hacking. Through social engineering and carrot on a stick, temptation of a few silly features that nobody really needs, or could have implemented in other ways (socket activated services, multi-seat support, 1 second bootup etc, security features imposed on non-systemd programs, *yawn*) every distro will kneel down before systemd. The grand unified Linux exploit platform.
Every distro will receive the same systemd security backdoors updates.
They will ask you:
“Show me one technical security flaw in systemd!!! If you can’t then it MUST BE totally SECURE!!! :)”
Pure insanity. That’s like saying show me a technical security flaw in windows, or in OpenSSL, or any of the other thousands of pieces of software that have been hacked. And if you can’t produce an instantaneous example of an undisclosed security flaw, then it MUST BE flawless.
Of course there is a lot of resistance to systemd right now. But the fools will all install it. And after it’s running everywhere, more backdoors can easily be patched into the vast majority of Linux systems. Just like every other vulnerability the developers will say “oops, I accepted the code without checking carefully enough, I’m not such a good programmer.”
Automated control of invisible drone computers.
You’re safe now, with systemd

So what are you waiting for? Install your systemd today."

Monday, 3 November 2014

JWM and tint2

Latest look of my jwm-xfe-tint2 desktop

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dragora adding WMs and DM's

Dragora adding WMs and DM's

Basically you need to add WMs and DMs so you can choose them as and need when you need them.  I copy  one rename it as the new wm and edit it as required. i.e change jwm to i3 etc.

Then when you log out you can run wmconfig to select you chosen wm. The run startx to log in.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

No Poettering about here!

New wallpapers for Dragora Tiny

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dragora tiny theming thoughts

OK just not done by a long way but thought I'd give you a taste. More ideas on the colour scheme, Default apps menu, short cut etc... Probably going to use a modified version of gartoon for the icons I do use. Not sure if we want icons in the menu?

Shortcuts will be on auto hide

I have added all applications I use in the menus but there will be no GTK/QT applications when done 

Latest version

With dclock and simpleswitcher as a better alt-tab and run dialog

Sunday, 28 September 2014

The 45

The struggle continues: