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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Openbox menus screen shots Dragora2

Openbox menus screen shots

If you like Rox-filer openbox and tint see my posts here.

My openbox menu configs are here

My openbox rc configs are here

and the menu-generator looks like this

As anyone that has found this site will know I like openbox tint2 and Rox-filer  so I thought I'd better update

 After much fiddling I manages to improve  my dynamic menus on openbox. I used 

for the dynamic menu. Very fast it is too, and with a nice license. Gpl3. What I really like is it lets you add other scripts and custom entries to your openbox menu by editing it's All from the menu. Nice

I added obbrowser for dynamic file access.

Then my beloved Rox-filer  bookmarks script 

More scripts here:

But some are without a license so useless to me. dbbolton has told on irc me his are MIT.

"[2013-07-10 20:59:05] <dbbolton>" 

That's rather cool as I wanted a system viewer in the menu and he's written one. :)

       After a bit of configuring