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Friday, 1 June 2012

Films I would watch again!

Not all these films are what I would call films I love though many are.

For me the ultimate test of a film is whether I would watch it again, like it or not. All these film have that for me.

10 canoes
13 (tzameti)
3:10 to yuma
4 months 3 weeks 2 days
9 (nine)
a complete history of my sexual failures
a crude awakening
ash wednesday
a winters bone
bellvile rondezvous
breakfast on pluto
breaking away
bring me the head of alfredo garcia
children of man
crash 1996
crash 2004
cude 2
dead mans shoes
dog soldiers
dougle and the blue cat
eden log
end of suberbia
fish tank
four lions
free jimmy
grow your own
hallam foe
hero (yingxiong)
himmel be berlin (wings of desire)
in bruge
katalin varga
la haine
lars and the real girl
let the right one in
london to brightion
looking for eric
love and hate
my summer of love
nanook of the north
nasty old people
newtown killers
no impact man
north face
opium (diary of a mad woman)
ordinary decent criminals
perfume the story of a murderer
porco rosso
rabbitproof fence
rear window
remember the titans
repo man
requiem for a dream
requiem for detroit
restless natives
resurrection man
robert newmans history of oil
run lola run
sin city
sita sings the blues
snow cake
sweeny tod
switchblade romance
the badder mienhof complex
the bicycle thief
the bothersome man
the box
the breakfast club
the brotherhood of the wolf
the corporation
the damned united
the edukators
the flying scotsman
the good the bad the weird
the gray zone
the great ecstasy of robert carmichael xxx
the grey man
the hunt for gollum
the keep
the lives of others
the man who wasn't there
the merchant of venice
the nine lives of fritz the cat
the reader
the red road
the red violin
the road
the road to perdition
the son of rambo
the village
the walker
the wanderers
the warriors
the wind that shakes the barley
the worlds fastest indian
things to do before your 30
this is england
together (tillsammans)
twin town
two lane blacktop
waking life
waking ned
waltz with bashir
way of the gun
weak at denise
what the bleep do we know
withnail and I
wrist cutters
young adam

My Film big film list

I'm working my way through this list As and when I get the chance to see them. Many I've seen, some crap some ace. I'll post my favorite ones later and if you like them you may like my taste also.

10 commandments u
13 2010
13 game of death  18
1997  Funny Games
21 jump street  2012
2 days in paris  15
2 watch
2 watch films
4months 3weeks 2days  18
50 50
8½ 1963
84 charing cross road
9  12
a bitter sweet life  18
abre los ojos  amenábar, 1997
a complete history of my sexual failures  18
adam adamant complete series
a farm for the future
all about steve
All The presidents Men
almodovar  1995  la flor de mi secreto
a man of no importance
amazing grace  pg
american flyers  pg
ancient futures
andrei rublev  12
angelas ashes
angels and demons  12
anything for her  15
army of darkness  15
arthur and the invisables u
a single man
átame!  almodóvar, 1989
avatar  pg  12a
away we go  15
balls of fury
bano del papa el
battle for haditha
bbc survivors season 1
Being Human Complete S1 S2 S3
benny and joon  12
bigga than ben  15
big nothing  15
black and white  15
black balloon  15
black dynamite  15
black sheep  15
blazing saddles  15
blood guts bullets and octane  1998
blood the last vampire  18
boarding gate  18
bolt  pg
born of hope
bourne ultimatum
boy a  2007
breaking away  pg
bridge to terabithia
broken flowers  12
bronson  18
brooklyns finest  15
bundy  18
burn after reading
carandiru  15
carlos contra el mundo
cashback  15
casino royale
changling  15
che part 1  15
che part 2  15
chopper  18
chronicle  13
citizen ruth
city of war  15
city rats  15
clapham junction
clockworkorange  18
constantine  15
control  15
coonskin  15
cop out  15
corto  lars von trier's student film  nocturne 1980
cowboy bebob
cracks  15
cube 1  15
cube 2  15
d13  15
damned united
dantes inferno  15
dario argento's suspiria
dark water  15
daunbailo  down by law  jim jarmusch, 1986
dead snow  18
dean spanley  pg
Death At A Funeral
death defying acts  15
death note
death proof  18
december boys
delta  kornél mundruczó
delta  Kornél Mundruczó
der himmel uber berlin  wings of desire  12
despicable me
devil  13  2010
dirty dancing  15
district  13
district 9
dog house  18
dogs day
dorian gray  15
downfall  der untergang
drag me to hell  15
dragon tiger gate  15
dr seuss the lorax  2012
dune  pg
duplicity  12
eagle eye  12
easier with practice  18
echo park strangers with candy  15
eco dvd
eden log
eighteen 2005
elegy  15
elephants dream
elfin lied v1
elizabethtown  12
el lobo  alejandro amenabar
empire andereseite
encounters at the end of the world u
enemy mine
entertaining mr sloane
eye of the beholder  18
factory girl  15
family guy presents something something something dark side
faq about time travel  15
far cry  18
farmer john
fat man and little boy  pg
female agents  15
fireflies in the garden  15
fogi is a bastard 1998 16
forbrydelsen II
four lions
fragments  15
franklyn  15
free jimmy  15
fritz the cat  18
from hell  18
frost nixon  15
frozen river  15
funny games  1997  18
get smart  12
g force  pg
ghibli tonari no totoro my neighbour totoro
ghost town  12
ghost world
Girls Will Be Girls  2003 
gnomeo and juliet
gnu linux  the codebreakers
gran torino  15
grave of the fireflies
green zone  15
hallam foe  18
halloween 2
hanna  2011
hannibel rising  18
hardboiled  18
heaven help us  pg mp4
heavy metal  15
hellboy golden army  12
hell ride  18
he was a quiet man  18
hidalgo  12
hidden  15
himenoptero  alejandro amenabar  corto cine
himmel ber berlin  wings of desire
holzers permakultur
home yann arthus bertrand
horseman  18
hunger  15
hurly burly  18
hush  15
i am number 4
ice age 3 dawn of the dinosaurs u
icestation zebra u
ichi the killer  18
if i die tonight
i love you man  15
Hubble 2010
in america  12
in bruge  15
inglourious basterds
in memory of me
inside guantanamo
inside man
interceptor  15
in the loop  15
intimacy  18
ip man  15
is anybody there  12
i saw the devil
jackboots on whitehall
jar city
jennifers body
John Waters Polyester
julia  15
junebug  15
just another saturday  12
katyn  15
kika  almodovar
killing floor  15
kinsey  15
kwaidan  ghost story  pg
ladri di biciclette 1948
lady vengence  18
la haine
la mala educación  2004
lars von trier  dancer in the dark
latcho drom  tony gatlif
låt den rätte komma in  15
law abiding citizen  18
legend of the guardians  pg
let me in  15
lets talk about rain  15
let the right one in  15
london boulevard  2010
long nights journey into day
looking for eric  15
los abrazos
los otros  2001
luna  spanish  corto by amenabar
machine gun preacher  2011
mad detective  18
mama mia2
managment  15
man on wire  12 a
man push cart
martyers  18
masaki kobayashi  kaidan aka kwaidan  1964
matador 1986  pedro almodovar 
max payne  15
megamind  2010
mesrine  l'instinct de mort  15 1
mesrine  l'instinct de mort  15 2
micmacs  13
milk  15
moneyball  2011
mongol  15
mononke hime
monsanto en
monsters vs aliens  pg
moon  15
moon 44
multi rip
mutant cronicales  18
my life as a dog
nanook of the north  1922
nasty old people  18
nausicaa of the valley of the wind gowenna
New Folder
new town killers  15
night at the museum 2  pg
night at the museum  pg
nightmare before xmas  pg
nikita mikhalkovs  12  12
nine miles down  15
nineteen eighty four  18
no country for old men
no reservations
north face  12
of gods and men  15
ohorton  12
opium  diary of a madwoman
our day will come  18
outlander  15
pandorum  15
passchendaele  15
pedro almodovar  1989
percy  jackson and the olympians  2010
perfume  the story of a murderer  15
persepolis  15
pirates  roman polanski  1986
planet 51  u
porco rosso  pg
precious  18
priceless  12
priest  15
princesses  18
private fears in puplic places  15
profondo rosso  deep red  18
public enemies  15
race to witch mountain  pg
rachel getting married  15
rango  2011
reckoning day  18
red  2010
red cliff 3 kingdoms 1 fate  15
reign over me  15
rendition  15
repo the genetic opera  18
restless natives
revengers tragedy  15
revolutionary road  15
righteous kill  15
rise of the foot soldier  18
rosemarys baby  18
run lola run  eng subs
satyricon  18
science of sleep
seikai no danshou tanjou
serbian film
seven pounds  12
sevenswords  15
sexdrive  15
shakespeare a midsummers night dream u
shakespeare retold
shark city  15
sherlock holmes a game of shadows  2011
sherry baby
shoalin soccer  12
shoot em up  18
sita sings the blues
slumdog millionaire  15
smiley face  15
solaris 2002
solyaris  pg
somers town
song of songs
southern comfort
spirited away
star trek  12
state of play  12
steal this film
step brothers  15
strange days  18
stranger than fiction  12
strawbale building 1
strawbale building 2
studio ghibli neko no ongaeshi the cat returns
sunshine cleaning  15
super bad
surplus  terrorized into being consumers
surveillance  18
sweeny todd  18
switchblade romance  akhiugo  18
synecdoche newyork  15
tacones lejanos
taking woodstock  15
tea with mussolini  1999
temple grandin  2010
terminator salvation  12
tesis  alejandro amenabar  1995  spanish
the accidental husband  12
the adventures of buckaroo banzai
the age of stupid  12
the air i breath  15
the baader mienhof complex  18
the boat that rocked  15
the book of eli  15
the box  15
the boy in striped pjamas
the boy in the striped pyjamas  12
the butterfly effect 2  15
the butterfly effect 3  18
the city of lost children  15
the class  18
the codebreakers
the collector
the corporation  2003
the crew  18
the curious case of bemjamin button  15
the curse of steptoe
the damned united  15
the dark crystal  pg
the day the earth stood still  12
the door in the floor  2004
the eagle
the entity  1981
the escapest
the eye  15
the flying scotsman  15
the fourth kind  18
the fox family  15
the frozen kingdom  pg
the future of food documentary
the gangster and the pervert peer
the gene generation  15
the girl who kicked the hornets nest  luftslottet som sprängdes  18
the girl who played with fire
the girl with the dragon tattoo
the goods live hard sell hard
the good the bad the weird  15
the goonies  pg
the gray man  15
the greatest ecstacy of robert carmichael  18
the grey
the grey zone  15
the happening  15
the history boys  15
the holy mountain  18
the human condition 1959 1961
the hunt for gollum
the hurt locker 2008
the illusionist
the invisable  15
the ketchup effect  18
the killing room  15
the last airbender  pg
the last house on the left  18
the lazarus project  15
the lnvention of lying
the losers  12
the lost city  15
the maker  18
the man from earth
the man who wasn't there
the mechanik  15
the men who stares at goats  15
the mist  15
the morph files  pg
the navigator  a medieval odyssey
the new world  12
the nine lives of fritz the cat  18
the notebook  12
the orphan  15
the postman  15
the prestige
the proposal  12
the proposition  18
the quiet  18
the reader  15
there will be blood
the ring finger  12
the road full  18
the secrets in their eyes  18
The Seventh Seal  Det Sjunde Inseglet  1957
the simpsons movie
the singer
the station agent
the story of the weeping camel  pg
the swimmer
the ten commandments 1923 u
the tourist  2010
the town
the twilight saga new moon  2009
the van  15
the warrior and the wolf  18
the wire
the wisdom of crocodiles
thirst  18
this is england
this is spinal tap  15
three colours trilogy
three kingdoms  15
tipping the velvet
Tom Tykwer  Run Lola Run
Torch Song Trilogy
to wong foo
toy story 3
traitor  18
transformers rotf  12
transporter 3  15
trash andy warhol 1970  18
true grit  2010
tucker and dale vs evil  2010
twelfth night u
twilight  12
twin town  18
two lane blacktop
tyrannosaur  2011  18
unfinished life
unforgiven  15
up u
valhala rising  18
valkyrie  12
vampire hunter bloodlust gohan
vantage point  2008
venus project  pg
Victim DirkBogarde
visitor q  18
volver  pedro almodovar  2005
w  15
waking life
wallander kuriren
waltz with bashir  18
war dance
war of the worlds 2
wasabi  15
waste land  2011
watchmen  15
what ever works
what the bleep do we know
when im 64  2004
who killed the electric car
winter's bone
wish you were here  15
zack and miri make a porno
zeitgeist final edition