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Thursday, 29 July 2010


I made Russian rye bread yesterday

Not perfect but I'm happy for a first attempt.  Tasted great!

Also a friend fired up the clay oven.

Three hours to get up to temperature but useful for up to 12 hours (even if you need to be patient)

Free software at the big tent

I decided to get a stall at the big tent to promote free software. My daughter helped create a poster and we loaded up our bikes and rode off complete with imac in tow in the bike trailer. It was a good weekend though I was knackered at the end of it (90 miles home to venue to digs and back home mostly with a bike trailer). Many people had never heard of free software GNU or even Linux.

Being a so called "green event" I had many folk that were open to the ethics that free software provides. As such I pushed that angle. I had my imac running Debian main, and two netbooks running Blag. During the weekend I met many folk, from Microsoft employees, free-software developers, and Ubuntu users (many of which did not know what free-software was!) I made a few converts to the idea of free-software and some folk said the will try Blag or Debian. I also talked about digital iceage, vendor lockin, open standards, and web2.0  and WebM amongst other things

Here are some pics:

Unpacking the bike

Our poster :) The four freedoms were regarded as very cool as was the fact my old imac was still running an up to date OS

The festival was on a large spread out site, here's a little bit of it.

Main stage

Away from free-software I also made a smoothie maker bike for some friends. It made over 250 over the two days.