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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My Dragora DE screenshots

Work in progress. My usual candidates.
  1. Rox as the file manager. 
  2. Openbox as the window manager. Takes time to set up but then stays out of your way. As I run maximized I really like the vert and horizontal split features and the ability to revert back to your single window mode with what ever window you like on display.
  3. fbpanel as the fall back launcher via it's dynamic menu. I also use the mem,cpu, and network functions as constant visual displays. It also intigrates very well with tint2.
  4. tint2 as the main panel. I don't use auto hide as it requires an action to implement so slows you down. Constant visual feed back is key to my desktop. I can access my minimal openbox menu from it with out affecting fittstool, run applcations maximized and drag n drop via tint2 like having the tabbed feature of pekwm but more flexible. It has superb integration with openbox, fbpanel and fittstool. It shows a small time and date and launces the calendar and a bigger clock.
  5. fittstool as my default launcher. fast light easy to use powerful just needs a little setting up and learning.
All the above software have proven very stable for me. Some over a number of years.

I in effect build my own desktop environment. Each part interacting in a specific way with another. That's why they were chosen. For a feature or improvment that was lacking in how I wanted my desktop to function.

I'm still working on it, trying to make it more intitive and work better. But it's currently  simple, stable, modular, light, and very fast in everyway.

How I use my desktop today has evolved so some of the info in the links below are outdated but they still contain useful information.