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Friday, 19 June 2015

Alko BM875 ll belt identification numbers

I had a really hard time finding belts for my  Alko BM875 ll. The cutter belts were easy to find but the price varied from £18 to £50!!!

Alko BM875 ll

SPZ760 (9.7x760 Lp) Wedge Belt     
drive belt (belt from mid-pulley  to axel/wheels)

SPZ1047 (9.7x1047 Lp) Wedge Belt 
engine belt (belt from engine to mid-pulley )

SPZ772 (9.7x772 Lp) Wedge Belt     
cutter belt (belt from mid-pulley  to cutter)

about £12 inc post from

Other wise about £18+ each else ware