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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Snow, ice and frozen pipes

It's been cold here the 15 mile cycle to work has been positively hairy at times not to mention the awkward task of trying to judge how much gear to wear/carry so as to not either get to hot n sweaty when cycling and hence chilly once there. Or humphing warm gear only for it not to be required. I can confirm that you only need a tee shirt sweat shirt and windproof jacket up top and long john on under you cycling leggings to be comfy  at -6C. You do need gloves though. I found my "seal skins (tm)" were ok but preferred my old not to thick (thinsulate tm) when it was not wet.

The cast iron drain pipe froze causing my neighbors overflow to flood. (through the ceiling in to my kitchen) Luckily I'm renovating an the next job is to replace the kitchen ceiling so no real damage was done. The water froze for 3 days solid and I had to wander down to the river with buckets and rope so I could flush the loo!

After working on my house I went home to some wonderfully snowy scene's.