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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My "LCD emac" running Debian Lenny

Monitor controls, though I use the remote.

Placement of LCD
LCD fixings

Modifications to frame

This was the tricky bit rewiring the VGA

The build up

Power supply and extra HD holder it failed to boot the other HD! I didn't really need it so removed it later.

Ready for the processor

Internal VGA connector

Mini VGA connector

The mess is hidden :) but easy access and dismantling was required.

Variable fan switch

Final connections power supply switch is on a Velcro pad, s video, analogue video and audio, speakers to amp.

Mini VGA used to test/set-up

Variable fan switch

A new login was choosen as most actions, sessions settings were hidden due to the size of the emac "hole" being slightly small than the screen size

Duplication of the emac screen is "shared on the external" close up

Duplication of the emac screen is "shared on the external"

Debian almost got the dual monitor settings right. emac screen is fine (allowing for the fact that it's 1280x1024 and the emac "hole" is 1280x960) But some duplication of the emac screen is "shared on the external"

OSX running on the external mini VGA socket worked fine. But the internal VGA failed to run because it seems locked into 72 Hz and the LCD reported an error.

A big thanks to Leo Bodnar, with out his excellent how tos my emac would still be a very heavy paper weight